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TPI fosters the academic skills and personal development required of 21st century learning. Through classroom instruction as well as on-line tutorials, we prepare students for a growing list of college board and pre-professional exams…[Read More]


Jerry Marino
Main Instructor

For over a decade, Jerry Marino has been preparing students for the College Boards (PSAT, ACT, SAT) as well as for a variety of pre-professional entrance exams (LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, GRE). Having completed two Master’s degrees and now pursuing a doctorate, Jerry has both studied and taught at several prestigious American universities. He brings to the classroom years of pedagogical experience and a practical, hands-on approach to learning. As the CEO & Founder of Test Prep Institute, he has created a venue to share his tried-and-true methods and to help students attain scores reflective of their true abilities.


Jerry gave me the skills I needed to improve my A.C.T. composite by 7 points. His invaluable tips, his enthusiasm, and his confidence in my abilities helped me to take the A.C.T. more efficiently and with far less worry. I only wish I met him earlier in my high school career!

Jennifer Webster

Former A.C.T. Student

Using your methods and techniques, I was capable of doing any problem on the test. You helped me to reach my highest potential on the S.A.T. … a 720 in Verbal and a 700 in Math. Thanks, Jerry!

Bob Church

Former S.A.T. Student

Your tutoring sessions not only helped me concentrate on the right things for the S.A.T. but also gave me the confidence to approach every question aggressively and (as you would often say) “methodically.” My S.A.T. score improved by 120 points.

Erin Pierce

Former S.A.T. Student

During our tutoring sessions, you showed me how to mold the information I already knew into what was needed for the format of the A.C.T. You believed in me more than I believed in myself sometimes, and I sincerely thank you for both your perseverance and guidance. After three attempts I finally broke a 33 on the June A.C.T.

Marcy Connor

Former A.C.T. Student


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